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In peer review journal : 22 publications
SAFlex: A structural alphabet extension to integrate protein structural flexibility and missing data information.
Allam I, Flatters D, Caumes G, Regad L, Delos V, Nuel G, Camproux AC.
PLoS One 2018, 13:e0198854
Du savoir savant au savoir enseigné, analyse de l'exposition des connaissances en cours magistral de physique : une étude de cas.
de Hosson C, Manrique A, Regad L, Robert, A. (par ordre alphabétique)
Revue internationale de pédagogie de l'enseignement supérieur 2018, 34(1)
Exploration of the effect of sequence variations located inside the binding pocket of HIV-1 and HIV-2 proteases.
Triki D, Billot T, Visseaux B, Descamps D, Flatters D, Camproux AC, Regad L
Scientific Reports 2018, 8:5789
Analysis of the HIV-2 protease's adaptation to various ligands: characterization of backbone asymmetry using a structural alphabet.
Triki D, Cano Contreras ME, Flatters D, Visseaux B, Descamps D, Camproux AC, Regad L
Scientific Reports 2018, 8:710
Exploring the potential of a structural alphabet-based tool for mining multiple target conformations and target flexibility insight.
Regad L , Chéron JB, Triki D , Senac C, Flatters D , Camproux AC.
PLoS One 2017, 12:e0182972
Statistical profiling of one promiscuous protein binding site: illustrated by urokinase catalytic domain.
Cerisier N*, Regad L* , Triki D , Petitjean M , Flatters D , Camproux AC.
Mol Inform 2017, doi: 10.1002/minf.201700040
* Contributed equally to this work
Cavity Versus Ligand Shape Descriptors: Application to Urokinase Binding Pockets.
Cerisier N, Regad L , Triki D, Camproux AC, Petitjean M.
J Comput Biol. 2017, doi: 10.1089/cmb.2017.0061
Investigating the Importance of the Pocket-estimation Method in Pocket-based Approaches: An Illustration Using Pocket-ligand Classification.
Caumes G, Borrel A, Abi Hussein H, Camproux AC, Regad L
Mol Inform 2017, 36:1700025
Structural Isosteres of Phosphate Groups in the Protein Data Bank.
Zhang Y, Borrel A, Ghemtio L, Regad L , Boije Af Gennäs G, Camproux AC, Yli-Kauhaluoma J, Xhaard H.
J Chem Inf Model 2017, 57:499-516.

PockDrug-Server: a new web server for predicting pocket druggability on holo and apo proteins
Abi Hussein H, Borrel A, Geneix C, Petitjean M, Regad L, Camproux AC
NAR 2015, 43(W1):W436-42.

PockDrug: a model for predicting pocket druggability that overcomes pocket estimation uncertainties
Borrel A, Regad L, Xhaard HG, Petitjean M, Camproux AC
J Chem Inf Model. 2015, 55(4):882-95.

Biosynthesis of the cyanobacterial neurotoxins anatoxin-a and homoanatoxin-a: From the genome to the metabolites
Méjean A, Mazmouz R, Paci G, Moncoq K, Regad L, Combes A, Pichon V, Ploux O
TOXICON 2014, 91:166-167

Structure of the prolyl-acyl carrier protein oxidase involved in the biosynthesis of the cyanotoxin anatoxin-a
Moncoq K, Regad L, Mann S, Méjean A, Ploux O
Acta Cryst. 2013, D69: 2340-2352

Insights into an Original Pocket-Ligand Pair Classification: A Promising Tool for Ligand Profile Prediction
Pérot S*, Regad L* , Reynès C, Spérandio O, Miteva MA, Villoutreix BO, Camproux AC
PLoS One 2013, 8(6): e63730

* Contributed equally to this work
Characterizaton of Arabidopsis calcium-dependent protein kinases: activated or not by calcium?
Boudsocq M, Droillard MJ, Regad L, Lauriere C.
Biochemical journal , 2012 447:291-9
Dissecting protein loops with a statistical scalpel suggests a functional implication of some structural motifs.
Regad L, Martin J, Camproux AC.
BMC Bioinformatics 2011 12:247
SA-Mot: a web server for the identification of motifs of interest extracted from protein loops.
Regad L, Saladin A, Maupetit J, Geneix C, Camproux AC.
NAR 2011 9(Web Server issue):W203-9
Mining protein loops using a structural alphabet and statistical exceptionality
Regad L, Martin J, Nuel G, Camproux AC.
BMC Bioinformatics 2010 11:75
BMC bioinformatics
Exact distribution of a pattern in a set of random sequences generated by a Markov source: applications to biological data
Nuel G, Regad L, Martin J, Camproux AC.
Algo Mol Biol 2010 5:15
Algo Mol biol Abstract
Taking advantage of local structure descriptors to analyze inter-residue contacts in protein structures and protein/protein complexes
Martin J, Regad L, Etchebest C, Camproux AC.
Proteins 2008 73: 672-689
Pubmed Abstract
Structural deformation upon protein-protein interaction: a structural alphabet approach
Martin J, Regad L, Lecornet H, Camproux AC.
BMC Structural Biology 2008 8:12
Pubmed Abstract
A Hidden Markov Model Applied to the Protein 3D Structure Analysis
Regad L, Guyon F, Maupetit J, Tufféry P, Camproux AC.
Computational Statistics Data & Analysis 2008, 52: 3198-3207.
CSDA Abstract

In conference proceedings:: 13 publications
Preservice Biology Teachers¿ Conceptions of Plants in Biological Classifications
Bosdeveix R, Regad L, Lhoste Y.
11th conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA), Helsinki, Finland , 31/08-04/09/2015
Les végétaux : Tension entre classifications fonctionnelle et phylogénétique chez les futurs enseignants de SVT.
Bosdeveix R, Regad L, Lhoste Y.
8ème rencontres scientifiques de l'ARDIST, Montpellier, France , 12-14/03/2014 et dans la revue SKHOLÊ (Vol. 18 n°1: 63-74)
Les conceptions des végétaux chez des étudiants de master 2, futurs professeurs de sciences de la vie et de la terre.
Bosdeveix R, Regad L, Lhoste Y.
Congrès de l'actualité de la recherche en éducation et formation (AREF - AECSE), Montpellier, France , 08/2013
SA-Mot: a new webserver for the extraction of motifs of interest from protein loops
Regad L, Martin J,Camproux AC.
13ème JOBIM, Rennes, France , 03-06/07/2012
A statistic analysis of interactions between serine proteases and inhibitor peptides
Regad L, Xhaard H.
43ème Journées de Statistique, Gammarth, Tunisie , 23-27/05/2011
Use of statistical approach to detect functional motifs in protein loops
Regad L, Martin J., Nuel G., Camproux A.C.
43ème Journées de Statistique, Gammarth, Tunisie , 23-27/05/2011
Optimisation de B-splines par Algorithme Génétique pour une PLS non linéaire : Application en chimiométrie et en drug-design
Reynes C., Regad L, Sabatier R.
43ème Journées de Statistique, Gammarth, Tunisie , 23-27/05/2011
Finite Markov chain embedding for the exact distribution of patterns in a set of random sequences
Regad L, Martin J, Camproux AC, Nuel G.
In advances in data analysis, Stat. Ind. Technol , 2010
Structural-alphabet motifs in protein loop structures: from structure to function
Regad L, Martin J, Camproux AC.
Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques , Montpellier (France), 7-9 septembre 2010
Prédiction de la structure 3D des boucles protéiques.
Reynès C, Regad L , Sabatier R, Camproux AC.
Société Francaise de Statistiques (SfdS), Bordeaux, mai 2009.
Inter-residue contacts analysis using local structure descriptors.
Martin J, Regad L, EtchebestC, Camproux AC.
Journées Ouvertes de Biologie Informatique Mathématiques (JOBIM), Marseille (France), 10-12 juillet 2007
Pattern statistics in set of biological short sequences
Regad L , Martin J, Camproux AC, Nuel G.
Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis (ASMDA) , Chania (Grece), 29-31 mai & 1er juin 2007
Identification of non Random Motifs in Loops Using a Structural Alphabet
Regad L, Martin J, Camproux A.C.
Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Book chapter: 3 publications
System Biology : a new paradigm for drug discovery.
The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, Fourth Edition - 17 Jul 2015 - ISBN : 9780124172050 (C.-G. Wermuth, D. Aldous, P. Raboisson and D. Rognan (Academic Press))
Abi Hussein H, Borrel A, Regad L*, Flatters D, Badel A, Geneix C, Petitjean M, Camproux AC and Taboureau O
Finite Markov chain embedding for the exact distribution of patterns in a set of random sequences.
Advances in Data Analysis : Theory and Applications to Reliability and Inference, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Lifetime Data and Neural Networks, 2009, Skiadas CH ed. Springer/Birkhäuser Boston. ISBN:978-0817647988.
Regad L*, Martin J*, Camproux AC, Nuel G.
*: equal contribution
Application of HMM to the study of three-dimensional protein structures.
Hidden Markov Models, Theory and Applications, 2011, Przemyslaw Dymarski ed. ISBN 978-953-307-993-6
Reynès C, Regad L, Perrot S, Nuel G, et Camproux AC